Saturday, July 21, 2007


The world breaks everyone and afterward many are stronger at the broken places. ~Ernest Hemingway

Blue-and-white teacup,
Broken and mended, like me,
Life's fractured beauty


HollyDagny said...

I have a prose poem on this exact subject. I'll bring it in a email it to you later.

Marylain said...

Haven't we all been broken - and aren't we stronger?

Besides some of us like the 'less-than-perfect' best of all.

Holly Larsen said...

Finally! Here's my handling of the topic. this is an early slam piece, so it's quite rough, but you get the idea:

Broken Teapot

How many times can you break
the teapot and glue
it back together again?
When will it cease
to hold the tea?

A visitor can lose
his temper and break
it upon the grate.

Or it might slip
through your hands
when you weren't paying attention.

By now the lid doesn't fit
right, and there's more
glue than porcelain.

The handle is completely
demolished after you throw
it against the wall
(Why you did that,
your're still not sure)

Again it goes crashing
when the children run
through the room.

I guess by now it's time
for a new teapot.
But the problem is,
They don't make
that particular patter