Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Walking after rain

Walking after rain,
Light is like inhabiting
A Homer painting


god-free morals said...

I suppose this is winslow you mean here and not his more famous artistic namesake...

mr. simpson, an occasional painter.

i have to admit i'd never heard of winslow homer, but have since enjoyed his 'impressionistic' works.

Nora said...

Thanks for commenting, Chris. Yes, it's Winslow, not Mr. Simpson. :-)

By the way, I like the play on your surname in your blog name. That's the kind of wordplay I like to incorporate sometimes in my writing.

In fact, after writing this haiku, I was feeling silly and wrote the following haiku, which I decided wasn't good enough to publish, but was fun to come up with:

Did Winslow Homer
Ever think to make Winslow
Arizona home?

I'm glad you found Homer's art and found it enjoyable. I really like the Hudson River school artists.

Have a great day!