Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Atlanta traffic

Atlanta traffic
pondering the manner
of my death


Devika said...

Here in Delhi, one cannot avoid the thought...especially for me, who comes from a relatively calm, dead city,

I like this, and so well relate with it, Nora :)


Magyar said...

>Wow... I could go on and on about the "civil compression" of cities and their traffic... but that, just my self-serving opinions; when forced to pass thru... I wonder of my own demise to any city's traffic. I'd rather drive -around- those cluttered heaps.
>Ya pushed me button, Nora, and I fully understand! Great! _m

martin said...

Hi Nora,

Boy, can I relate to this…
There I was on the Cross Bronx Expressway in my beautiful 70’ Nova when I saw up ahead a wall of cars with red taillights coming up quickly. The normal speed on the expressway was 60 mph. I started to apply my drum brakes and nothing happened. Instantly, I saw myself killing numbers of people and me in a smash up. The cars up ahead were at an unbelievable dead stop. I thought of using my emergency brake gently pulling on it hoping it wouldn’t lock up and flip the car over. I had an automatic and couldn’t downshift, so I put it in neutral and instinctively pumped the brakes. All this happened in seconds. I gradually slowed to a stop just a few inches away from a car’s bumper without exaggeration. I’ll never forget that incident.