Sunday, November 01, 2009

all saints day

all saints day
from the corner of my eye
someone   no one


Magyar said...

___Ah yes, the day after the night before, and "the saints come marching in."

Warren said...

Good one, Nora - speaks to the inherent fears in us all, perhaps promoted a little more by Halloween. But always there, regardless.


nora said...

Thank you, Magyar, dear.

Welcome, Warren. You have some great art and poetry on your sites. I grew up in Star Valley, WY, just on the Idaho border, so I miss the aspens.

John McDonald said...

love it nora

Anonymous said...

nora -

this is another great one.

cool on the simply haiku. see you there!


Kelly Marszycki said...

Nora -- this is so good! I think we forget the old ways of spirits roaming the night, only to retire at daybreak -- like Dvorak's "Night on Bald Mountain" symphony!

Congratulations on Frogpond (autumn issue) -- how wonderful!