Wednesday, January 21, 2009

deep winter

deep winter--
fragile ice fringes
the meadow pond


Magyar said...

Nora... My silliness here: "It Takes Two to Tanka?"
_Humbly I add these "Two" lines to your good haiku.

> a lonely swan lingers
> where this open rill begins

nora said...

Thanks, Magyar. A lovely addition.

You're not off-base. A collaborative tanka where one poet writes the first three lines and the other writes the final two (traditionally 57577, but now it's just 5 lines) is called renga. You frequently see it in haiku publications.

Magyar said...

_I should have referred to your haiku as hokku... I'm familiar with most ancient Japanese forms.
_I lost favor with (or they with me) Wonder Haiku Worlds, but I recently posted a haibun there, and perhaps you'd do me the honor of visiting WHW and reviewing that posting -Impossible-. I first bumped into John McDonald at WHW.

nora said...

I should have known, Magyar, that you wouldn't require a forms lesson from me. You're obviously a thoughtful, talented poet.

I checked out "Impossible" on WHW. I like it very much. Well-crafted and lyrical. My favorite is the second paragraph, but it's all just lovely. I bow.

I can't imagine anyone falling out with you, so it must be you with them.