Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Equinox

autumn equinox
the fallen leaf
half-green, half-gold


Magyar said...

I like your use of equinox... that dividing point, the line twixt the green and gold. _m

Anonymous said...

nora -

very appropriate today! and nice.

hope you are staying dry!


nora said...

Thank you, Magyar and Alan.

I am working from home for the second day in a row due to flooding and closed roads. I am fortunate not to have sustained damage myself. We're expecting more rain this afternoon. I appreciate your thinking of me, Alan.

ljarrell said...

I found that this poem contains parallelism and is balanced quite well, like the autumn equinox, which balances day with night. The divisionary elements of green and gold also emphasized the autumn equinox. What made this poem especially poignant was the narrowing focus technique: at first we focus only on the season being described, the autumn, but in the end we narrow our focus to an element of the autumn: changing leaves and these leaves almost signify the season of autumn itself. In a sense the whole gives way to the parts, and the parts embody the whole. Lastly, the fact that the leaf has fallen means signals a changing of seasons, that we are on the verge of change...the colors (green and gold and the equinox) make us feel as though something is upon us (the winter season). I am taking a haiku class and it quite interesting how I can see haiku in a different light now. Thank you for showing me the beauty inherent in nature and the seasons. I really enjoyed this haiku.

nora said...

Thank you, ljarrell! What an in-depth analysis. Welcome to HAD.