Monday, September 14, 2009

cricket song

cricket song
long accustomed
to this ceaseless yearning


Anonymous said...



Magyar said...

__So ceaseless is that song of yearning, it can pass... un-noticed by most. Yet, you have expressed it so well. _m

John McDonald said...

nice group nora

nora said...

Can you hear the cricket sound in "ceaseless yearning?"

Richard said...

Thank you for sharing your talent!

Each day, the sun shines,
The birds sing, the flowers bloom,
And Nora haikus!

nora said...

Thank you, Richard, and welcome. These days, it's more like a few times a week haiku. The strains of working full-time, parenting teenagers, commuting in Atlanta traffic, etc. are taking a toll on my writing. I AM looking forward to meeting other haiku poets at JapanFest this weekend!