Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bank statement

year-end bank statement
reusing the tea bag
for a second cup


Magyar said...

I'll stop procrastinating
next week

As always, Nora, good wishes! _m

John McDonald said...

wise woman - happy and peaceful new year to you nora

Richard said...

A (Not-So) Happy New Year Haiku From The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC:

New Year Haiku

New Year Certainties:
Death, Higher Taxes, Divorce,
And White Collar Crime!

[All kidding aside: Happy New Year!]

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Nora

I've enjoyed poking around in your creativity this year.

David In Maine

Devika said...

Wish you and family a Very Happy New year Nora :)

good additons,


Ashi said...

ha!! I like that one -
Happy new year Nora

Anonymous said...

Good one Nora.

Kristin Riggs said...

Ha! I can so relate...I'm a teacher whose only other dream is to be a starving writer...and I'm married to a police officer, so he's no help. We re-use a lot of tea bags. ha ha. That's okay...I'm rich in other ways. Love your writing. Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime. It's
Take care,