Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day--
dreaming the children
she will never conceive


Anonymous said...

love it.

alan b.

nora said...

Thank you, Alan. I didn't do a cinco de mayo haiku, but I did deliver on Mother's Day. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"did deliver on mother's day!"

tres bien.


ps sketchbook poems really really great, too.

pps how's that garden growing?

Magyar said...

My friend Nora, I have a special thought for you on Mother's Day... as always. _m

nora said...

Alan, the garden is showing real promise. Everything is in some stage of sprouting. How is yours?

Magyar, many thanks for remembering me. Give Kathy my best. :-)

Anonymous said...


my garden--
dreaming the radish
i will never conceive

we live on a rock in the trees! great view towards boston and lots of wildlife and hiking trails, but alas, i only have a small patch of herbs and a lily garden. i do have a good farmer's market nearby and lots of orchards locally. i do like to cook and have planted gardens in the past.