Friday, June 26, 2009

riding in the rain

My father was an avid equestrian and disciplinarian. His four daughters dreaded riding with him because he sternly and constantly corrected our form or technique. When I was 15 and more interested in Seventeen magazine and fashion than going on horseback with my dad, that's where I found myself one early summer day. I wish I could remember why we went riding together; I certainly wouldn't have gone willingly.

As we guided our horses up the narrow trail through the aspen groves and Indian Paintbrush of the national forest--dad in his cowboy hat in front and I, bare-headed, in back--a light, warm rain began. I do recall the easy quiet between us with only the sound of soft rain, squeak of saddles bearing our weight, and a horse's hoof striking an exposed root or rock. Just as vividly I can still smell the ozone, the woods, and the scent of wet horse and leather.

warm rain
only the trail before us
silence between us


Cindybrown said...

That was awesome Nora ! Wonderful story to go with it :)

Anonymous said...

just back from fogged in island off maine coast.

this is a great poem.

works with or without horses.

alan b.

Magyar said...

Loved this Nora.
_Often, so much can be said in silence.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - as usual. On the ridge? or up the creek?


nora said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Cindy, thanks. If you already know this, forgive me. A haiku married to prose is a haibun.

Welcome back, Alan. I'm starting to worry: you're going to be expecting a July 4th haiku...

Magyar, insightful and wise and gentle as ever. Mil gracias.

Mom, it feels good to have your support. It was the path to the left just after the forest gate that eventually takes you down into limekiln. I can't remember if that one has a name. I think this had to do with the lost wallet incident, but I'm not perfectly sure.

Anonymous said...

nora -

ha on 4th poem!

i just want one with the word 'limekiln' in it.

speaking of moms and horseback riding - i am going to montana in august to the place we last gathered as a family with my mom. going to do a little horseback in her honor.


nora said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Alan. limekiln is a cool word, isn't it?

Have a fabulous time in Montana. I know several people going there this summer. Will you be in Glacier or elsewhere?