Thursday, October 08, 2009

mackerel sky

pine shavings curl
in the hand plane
mackerel sky


Anonymous said...

like it nora! (only mackerel is spelled with a "c" in there. I caught some recently for bait.)


nora said...

Thank you, Alan! What did you catch with the mackerel?

Anonymous said...

Good question. The answer is nothing but we kept getting our bait shredded by big bluefish. We were trying to catch stripers, but went up the mouth of a river where huge sturgeon were jumping. Alas, all we caught were the mackerel and some pollack. But we had fun (We were off the coast of Maine.). Saw lots of seals and some dolphins. Alan

Magyar said...

__Something about that growing pile of shavings, a collection seeming to parallel... this cloud form.
__Fine one, Nora! _m

Devika said...

Very nice, Nora :)

Mackerel sky --like it,