Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the breached creek bank

breached creek bank
all day half-living
in last night's dream


Magyar said...

For you... April 1st.
For me.... Friday the 13th.

half life
in last nights dream
a river

nora said...

It's a good thing I'm not superstitious!

I really love your complementary verse, Magyar. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

nice poem nora.

i think maybe slightly better without "the" and putting "in" on line 3.

picky me.


nora said...

Thank you, Alan. Is there a way I can communicate with you via e-mail? You can reply with an address, and I won't publish the reply. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

nora --

did you get in this issue of gean? i hope so.


nora said...

I didn't apply this time, Alan. Did you submit? I did just have a poem in FrogPond (I say your fine haiku there too.), and I have one in the next Heron's Nest and 3 in Winter Simply Haiku.

Ashi said...

Hi Nora I saw Magyar's version of your haiku - and then came here - which leed to to this comment:

Last night’s dream
rest on the riverbank
so tired