Monday, March 02, 2009


spring snow--
the enormity
of this empty bed


Anonymous said...

Oh I like ths one and yet today the sun is smiling brightly (here), making me believe Spring has finally arrived in all her glory.

Magyar said...

Nora, I like the vast emptiness you've pictured here, looking at the loneliness, not feeling lonely.

this blanket
of last night rests
new snow

_Or is it last >night's rest< ? Small matter... it snowed again last night!

Devika said...

Very romantic, Nora

yet, sounded like looking at the vast night sky :)


nora said...

Welcome, Sarah.

Thanks, Magyar and Devika, for your constancy. :-)

Devika said...

My constancy's never at stake, Nora

if you meant yours, for doesn't make a difference, anyways :)


bandit said...

snow woman
her dreams a weird imagery
when she sleeps alone