Saturday, March 14, 2009

spring cleaning

spring cleaning--
when did she quit
playing with dolls?


Devika said...

Children know when to leave dolls..and they do it without anyone saying i think...

But some parents are too possessive about the dolls that childrens play with...i keep wondering about how they all behave..great fun! :)

Nice one, Nora...
growing up with the child is fun too, they say...
we perhaps get to know them and our own selves :)


Magyar said...

_Clearing the residual of time, the dust of its wake, one wonders: "Is time real, or is it only the passage of time that exists?" >Koan-ish, in a way.<
_I'll never stop asking myself these questions: "When did THAT happen; Why didn'nt I SEE IT, as it did?"
_And this? My long winded understanding of your good tercet!

John McDonald said...

nice one nora