Saturday, March 07, 2009


my daughter oblivious
of her own beauty


Marty said...

Nora, how about...

my daughter oblivious
of her own beauty

But then again if she looks at all like you how could she be oblivious?

Devika said...

I think its a good thing, Nora for she would appreciate the beauty of others...and thats a quality less seen in today's children...

atleast here in India - so self centered children..
and pampering parents give them a feeling that they are the only angels on earth!

I feel pity!


nora said...

Marty, I'm glad you got the connection with the myth. I'm contrasting the two. She's way more beautiful inside and out.

Devika, thanks. I think one aspect of beauty is a lack of awareness. It's not as if she thinks she's ugly, just natural.

Magyar said...

... and thus the flower was named. _I honor those that are humble in their evaluation of themselves.

Devika said...

Oh yes, Nora... I meant only that.:)

May her naturalness remain in her :)